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As an ISO9001 certified organization, ATA is dedicated to providing you with unrivaled experience of accurate, highly efficient and cost-effective translation services.
GB/T19682 & GB/T 19363
Our work flow is in strict conformity with GB/T 19682 and GB/T 19363. They are Chinese standards for translation quality and the only accreditation specifically designed for translation services in China.
DIN EN 15038
We also follow European standards for translation business, including the German standard DIN EN 15038 and the British standards.
Certified Agency of Legal Translation
We are the certified translation service provider authorized by China legal courts since 2005. Translated copies marked with our certified stamp take effect to every court in China. Only best agencies can obtain this authorization.
Translation Associations
We are also a corporate member of the American Translators Association and of Translator’s Association of China. We promise to comply with their ethical standards and codes of practice.
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